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Here at Beachside we produce many of our own bedding plants, hanging baskets, containers, and one of the largest selection of perennials in the area . If you're looking for water garden supplies, Beachside has a large selection of liners, pumps, fountains, and assorted water garden plants. We offer only the hardiest Michigan Grown Rhododendrons and Azaleas. These and many other select plants can be a real addition to any local Garden Our expert employees can help you choose the right plant for the right place, help diagnose your plant problems and get you the best organic gardening products for your landscape and gardens

​Spring / Summer

Our greenhouses and grounds hold a beautiful selection of annuals and perennials of all different sizes, colors and textures, Come in to experience the therapeutic beauty of nature and discover something new to help uplift your gardens.

Winter / Fall

"Autumn carried more gold in its pocket than all other seasons." -Jim Bishop-

Fall and winter can provide beauty just as much as any other season. Stop in to see how our trees, small perennials and evergreens can add wonderful fall color to any landscape.

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